Key Shelf Detail

Key Shelf

Mahogany, maple and Mother of Pearl.



For years, I've used a simple finishing nail to hang keys just inside my front door but always wanted something a little...nicer. I originally began sketching a few simple ideas for hooks mounted along a length of finished wood but decided to try something new. I've long wanted to build an instrument and decided this was a chance to practice some of the techniques needed for lutherie. I used mahogany with some maple binding and incorporated a small shelf to hold sunglasses, change etc. As my ideas progressed, I also decided to try my first inlay using several types of mother of pearl and began drawing inlays of one of my favorite plants, Trillium grandiflorum. I tried a number of curved designs but none felt quite right and I opted for gently angled edges. Partway through these designs I realized having hooks was not the most attractive solution (especially when the hooks are empty) and saw some solutions for hanging kitchen tools using magnets and instantly began figuring how to implement magnets into my design. The final shelf is bound in figured maple, with a single strip of maple under the shelf hiding the magnets.