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This site has been through a number of iterations since it's beginning in 2003. The first version was an incredibly crude site using Apple's .Mac homepage and was used as a way to keep in touch with family while I was attending the University of Wisconsin Madison. Once I realized that I could actually use the HTML and CSS code that I had written with the iDisk as my host, I developed a much more visually pleasing site and began working on using this site to share my photography. The next revision came shortly after moving to San Diego and realizing that I had very little time to update the site at which point I put together the previous version of this site using Apple's iWeb making updating and basic maintenance a much quicker task.

The current version of the site was created by hand using Panic's fantastic Coda software. It should validate as HTML 4.01 Strict and if it doesn't, I've goofed and you should tell me about it. Titles and headers are set in Futura, a typeface created by Paul Renner in 1927. Body text is set in Verdana which was designed by Matthew Carter and Thomas Rickner.

I'm continually working with the styling and code of this site (hopefully progressing as time goes on) and it is largely used a place to share my photography, films and projects. I encourage feedback so, if you feel like sharing please head over to my contact page to get in touch.